People ~ The Differentiating Factor

July 10, 2018


As a passionate student of state-of-the-art marketing and selling strategies, I have coined the term Full-Circle™ as it relates to a comprehensive program that is essential for a 'lifetime of success'.  A significant element in today's customer-driven environment, People serve as the 'glue' that synchronizes this Full-Circle™ concept.  
Marketing is having what people want.  Marketing is the 'in your face' strategy that creates a presence, a brand promise, an inducement to buy, and a validation of the buying decision.  Marketing is a dedication of all policies, planning, and operation for the purpose of attracting and keeping customers.
Selling is getting people to want what you have. Selling is the act of getting and keeping customers.  Selling requires a personal/corporate philosophy* that clearly defines strategies related to: relationships, customer needs, products, and presentations (including customer service).  People on the staff -- every one of them -- must appreciate and implement these strategies.   


Today, there is a resurgent emphasis on marketing and selling strategies that build enduring customer relationships.  Ongoing relationships are consistently more profitable, more long-term, more resilient, and more readily leveraged.  The key element in this scenario is the People -- every member of the staff, regardless their role in a company.
A Full-Circle™ strategic plan includes thirteen important elements: Product, Purpose, Production, Price, Place, Promotion, Positioning, Packaging, Physical Distribution, Performance, Payment, Profitability, and People.  The power of the last element overshadows the rest -- it's the People.  Not only are People the most important asset of your business, it’s the POTENTENTIAL of the People that truly counts.  Your first-best customer is your employee.  Your ‘happy campers’ make happy customers.  Invest in your staff by providing ongoing sales technique and product training.  Then, reward them for helping you achieve your goals for the repeat and referral business that will sustain your business and profitability. 
With appropriate leadership and vision, People can affect a synergy between the elements of a Full-Circle™ approach to create brand identity, trust, long-term customer loyalty and profitability.  Considering the evolution of our global economy, technology and ebusiness cannot accomplish this alone.  It's the People that make the difference -- those who touch the customer.
The Bottom Line:  This is the era of personal/partnership selling -- an era that is not readily supported by the impersonal nature of the internet.  People are the most powerful marketing resource available to achieve brand identity and customer commitment.  People are the differentiating factor.   


GREAT NEWS! Vicki is coming to Pet Connections Expo 2018!  And you can sign up for a free  “ASK THE EXPERT” Management Consulting Session to receive trusted advice!


Trade show attendees and exhibitors have an opportunity to receive free advice on a variety of business-related topics at no charge at the upcoming Pet Connections Expo.  Meet pet industry veteran and owner of Animal Brands, Vicki Lynne Morgan, a pet industry business development advisor and consultant.  She will offer trusted advice from real-world experience in private consultations during the show.  Strategic business tips and brainstorming will be offered during scheduled one-on-one and small group sessions.  “Ask the Expert” business sessions will be conducted in a designated space on the Pet Expo Connections show floor.  Sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those who register in advance for Pet Connections Expo.  A maximum of three companies, two representatives each, may attend the 50-minute sessions that begin on the hour.   Register now for Pet Connections Expo, so that you can be one of the first to reserve time with Vicki!



Vicki Lynne Morgan is an Advisory Board Member at Pet Connections Expo, and the President, Animal Brands® Consulting and Russmor Mentoring Group.  She has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners on achieving their goals for sustaining growth and profitability.

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