Download the Pet Connections Mobile App and Plan Your Time Wisely!


Get familiar with the Pet Connections app before you arrive on site.  It is very easy to use and enables you to review the schedule in advance, so you know when and where everything is happening, from tradeshow hours to educational conference sessions and happy hour to the location of exhibitors you'd like to visit.


To download:

  1. Search “ICD Events” in App Stores on Apple or Google Play

  2. Download ICD Events/Pet Connections App.


Set Up Your Profile:

  1. Open the Main Menu

  2. Create a Profile

  3. Sign Up and Confirm

  4. Complete your Profile


Add a Session to Your Schedule

  1. Open Schedule

  2. Tap the “star” button

  3. Set up a reminder

  4. Tap to “Remove”

Keep Track of Speakers/Sessions/Exhibitors by Adding
them to Favorites

  1. Choose a Section

  2. Add to bookmarks by clicking the “star” button

  3. Open the Favorites & Notes

  4. Tap to check your Favorites

Send Private Messages to People at the Event:

  1. Go to “People”

  2. Choose a profile

  3. Tap to write a message

  4. Tap to send

Rate and Review a Speaker:

  1. Choose a Speaker

  2. Tap to Rate & Review  

  3. Confirm

Add Notes:

  1. Choose a Section

  2. Choose an item

  3. Tap … (3 dots) on top right of the screen to “Add a Note”

  4. Tap to “Confirm”

  5. Open the Favorites & Notes Section to access your notes

For assistance downloading and using the app, please contact Bonnie Gordon, for immediate assistance.


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