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Wedsnesday, Oct 3, 2018
2:30p - 5:30pm

Hilton Garden Valley Inn Forge/Oaks 
500 Cresson Blvd, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Make the most of your trip to the Pet Connections Expo, by staying until the end and using your afternoon to get your Instagram Account "on point" for the upcoming holiday season. 


Is your business on Instagram? Great! How’s it going?

Are you just posting randomly when you have time? Do you use it to build a local audience and increase sales? Maybe you haven’t seen much success, yet?

I used to think that Instagram was just for people who traveled the world and ate out a lot! I thought it was just for pet parents to have accounts for their pets, but not for a business to use as a tool to make money.


For years I posted on Instagram in my own pet business without a real sales strategy. We were getting a lot of likes and building an audience, but it wasn’t translating into dollars at the register. Can you relate?


Fast forward...and my mind is blown! I absolutely believe that Instagram is the place to be for independent retailers. 

Instagram is one of the few, if not the ONLY, marketing avenues out there allowing you to do all of this FOR FREE...

> Target your ideal, LOCAL customer

> Get in front of and discovered by tourists

> Build connections and relationships quickly

> Easily get comfortable with video

> Sell products without spending money on ads

3 Hour Interactive Workshop
(Value of In-person Training $999)

In this 3 hour, interactive workshop, we’ll get down to the strategies that are working NOW. I’m going to walk you through how to turn your followers (whether you have 10, 100, 10,000 or more) into paying customers.  This class is about using Instagram to SELL so you can build a profitable and sustainable business.


Topic 1 - Creating and maximizing your posts on the grid.

    > The big mistakes retailers make

    > What’s working on Instagram now

    > Post ideas & strategies

    > Copy that converts


Topic 2 - Becoming a Master of Instagram Stories

    > How to create Instagram Stories with confidence and ease

    > What to share on Instagram Stories to get your followers talking

    > What types of Instagram Stories you need to be sharing with your followers


Topic 3 - Conquering Techniques that Grow Leads & Increase Sales

    > How to get your audience to talk to you via DMs and comments

    > Hashtag strategy

    > How to grow your following

    > Selling goods & services


(Value of $499)

Not quite sure you’re ready yet to take over Instagram?
No worries, Boss!
We’ve got you covered.


You’ll get access to a “Pre-Event” online training, so you can walk through set up of your account to get you ready for this in-person, deep-dive workshop.

Pre-Event Online Training Includes:

    > Instructions for Account Setup & Basics to Build a Solid Profile

    > Tips on Branding Your Account

    > Finding Your Ideal Hashtags # List

    > A Review of How to Use the Features of the App

    > Access to Private Instagram Facebook Support Group

    > Account Review by Pet Boss Nation Team Before Class

Are you ready to unlock the secret to success on Instagram? 


> Pre-Workshop Online Training
> 3 Hour In-person Workshop + Workbook
> Access to Private Facebook Support Group
​​​​​​​> Post Workshop Happy Hour​​​​​​​
One Pass - Only $197
Two Pass - Only $297​​​​​​​









Separate Registration required for Workshop and Pet Connections Expo!

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